Tquote options:

Select a text file:   This will be a list of the quote files you can choose from that are located in modules/mod_tquotes/mod_tquotes/

Rotate Quote :(choose how you want quotes to rotate)

Include quote marks? : Will the module place " before the quote and " after the quote.

Separator : What symbol or character separates quote from author in your text file.

Choose display options:
      Template : quotes styled by The template
      Below options: Quotes will use the Quote color,Background color, Font-weight, Font-style and Font-size below this option.
      Use the CSS File : Quotes will be styled by the Css file located in modules/media/mod_tquotes/css.

For more information go to TQuote Text File Details


File Requirements:

Each line in the file will be a separate quote.

File must be saved in UTF-8 Format

File must contain no blank lines

If you use a separator between the quote and the author they will appear separately.. Example file:
This line is a quote. | this is the author. //use any separator you like.

If you don't use a seperator,only the quote will display.

If you want to include an image use a hyperlink to it and it will display.

You can have as many lines as you like depending on your rotation choose.

Random : will choose a quote from the an unlimited number of lines.

Daily: will rotate quotes each day. The quote chosen will depend on the day of the year up to 366 days. If less then 366 lines the quotes will start at Line one and repeat again. Line 367 will not show and 366 will show once every leap year.

Weekly: Will rotate each week for the 52 weeks of the year and repeat again. Lines limited to 52. Line 53 and beyond will not display.

Monthly: Will rotate each month for 12 months and repeat again. Lines limited to 12. More will not display.

Every Minute: Will rotate every minute( 60 ) . Lines limited to 60. More will not display.

Every Hour: Will rotate every hour (24). Lines limited to 24. More will not display.

 This file written for version 1.1.1 Quick Start:

Thanks for using Tquotes Module.

After installing Tquotes go to Extensions> Module Manager> and select Tquotes.

For version joomla 3.0
On the right side of the screen under

Position type or select where to show the module.
Status select Published




Go to top of screen and click on Menu Assignment

Change no pages to: On all pages


Go to top and click on Save and close. It brings you back to the Module Manager :Modules screen.

You're Done

This will display The sample File (tquotes.txt) with the module Defaults on all your pages.

To see more details go to Tquote options