This file updated for version Mod_rquote 2.5.2


Go to extensions and choose '' Module Manager","Rquotes".

Choose a source: Get quotes from a text file or the Database.

Text File options:
Select text file: If you choose text file above select which one from the drop down list.
Choose one: Choose Random(every page load ) or Daily (every 24 hours)

Database options:
Choose a category :(required)
Rotate quotes: choose one of several ways to display quotes.
Number of quotes to display (integer required)

Choose some display style Options : Coming soon

Display quotation marks
No: none
Text Style :A " before the quote and a " after the quote
Graphic  style : an image file of quotation marks before and after quotes
Style by CSS : Will display quotation marks from a CSS file and also style quote by CSS

Publish the module Choose a module position on your site. Select to show title or not. 

Text file: To use Daily display Select a text file to use. Select Daily to display a new quote every 24 hours (**see note**) Choose every page load to display a random quote. **Note**To use Daily quote you need to have a text file with 31 lines. If you have less repeat line to get 31. As of now it works on the day of the month. More than 31 can't be displayed DB Options:  Select Random to display a random quote. Select Multiple Random to display more than one random quote. Use the next field to enter how many to display. Select Sequential to display quotes in sequential order based on there Daily_#. You must use this field for sequential quotes to work. Also user must have cookies enable or a random quote will display. Select Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly to display a quote for that time period.(**See note**)

**Note **To display a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly quote you need to set up a category for that purpose and use the (Daily # ) field in the edit or new quote form to input a number. The quotes will be displayed one every selected time period according to these numbers until all quotes have been displayed. Then will start over again. If you have TWO Daily # the same within a category , both will be displayed for that particular period. Please make shore that the display #'s are consecutive and all quotes are published. .Select By date to display a quote on a particular day of the year.