Thank you for downloading and using Rquotes 
Updated for version 3.1.0 Component:

Go to List Quotes > New (this brings up the new entry form)
*Quote* Field : (Required) Fill in any information here. Can be text or a path to an image or both.You can also enter links to other information.
Author Field : ( Optional) The author or any information you want displayed.
Daily number # field: (Optional) Must be a number and is used to display info in the front end in order or with the Module.
    (Also must be used to display sequential, daily,weekly etc info in the module.)
Category: (Required ) The category quotes will display from.
Status field : Defaults to Published. Change this if you want.
Creation Date field : Filled in by default Can be changed if desired.
User field : (Optional ) Can be displayed on front end and in module.
Notes field: (Optional) Can be displayed on front end and in module

Click on Save at the top of page and the information is saved to data base.

To use the information in front end see Component Menu Options.

To use the information see RQuote Module overview or RQuotes Module Details.