Sat Dec 3, 2022, 8:57 pm
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Hi Kevin,

thank you so much for this useful extention!

I often take an article from my site and create few dozens of quotes from its text. It looks like:


Some interesting text, enticing readers to read the full article.

<p style="text-align: right;">link to the article


So I show them in RQuotes.

Now I have an idea. It could be useful to add this function to the component:

- An user puts a text in the text field "A", and manually slices that text into strings - they will become individual quotes.

- An user also puts (in the text field "B") a string of "signature" (such as the link to the article).

Then the component takes string by string from the text field "A", adds a signature from "B", and adds it as a new quote to the database.

(Also, assigning the same "Category" field to them automatically would be useful).

Are you imterested in adding such functionality to the component?

It's pretty easy, I just thought you might be interested in that too.

Thanks :).


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