Welcome to the rquotes demo page

This entire page, in fact almost all of this website is using RQuotes component for 2.5  and Rquotes module for 2.5 to show information. All the pictures on the home page and this page are using the module.


Component Features

Add items from backend or front end.

Configure items with CSS file located in the component root directory.


Try List Items in the Rquotes Demo menu on the left to see a list of items .

If you are logged in you will see An additional box to add your own Item.

Please log in and enter an item if you choose.

On this page the left and right columns show some of the configurations that can be used with the module.

The left changes daily and the right changes with every page load.


To get started

Download com_rquotes2.5.1.zip  

Download mod_rquotes   2.5.0.zip


Add some items etc. to component.


Configure the module and your done.

You can also just use the module to display quotes from the example text file or your own file if you like.


Additional information